Great Results from Otago / Southland Breeder Barry Gray

The Otago Southland Beef Carcass Competition commenced Monday 22 July, 2019 with the hoof judging at Charlton Sale Yards, Gore.

Barry Gray’s entry, Angus cross Maine Anjou steer, won the Best of British Sired section. Gray currently uses an Angus bull across his yearling heifers for ease of calving as two year olds. The 281kg carcass achieved maximum points for dentition, fat cover, pH, and had a rib eye area of 114cm2.

Thirty seven heifers and steers were judged in three nominated carcass weight ranges:

  • Class One Junior Export 220 kg – 270 kg
  • Class Two Intermediate Export 271 kg – 320 kg
  • Class Three Senior Export Over 320 kg

The Doug Lindsay Memorial trophy was awarded to the overall ‘On the Hoof’ champion.

On Wednesday 24 July, Alliance Group Matarua Plant hosted competitors and supporters to view one side of each carcass, with an attached score sheet, in the chillers.

Despite the drought affecting entry numbers, animals were in good order assisted by a mild winter. The compeition was three weeks later than usual, resulting in most animals yeilding heavier than their nominated class ie of thirteen animals nominated in Class One only four were judged in that class.

Points were awarded on dentition (maximum points for milk teeth), pH, rib eye area, fat cover, and muscle class with P1 dominating entries. There were four T1 and no L grades.

Class awards are presented, as well as a number of other awards. These include: Champion carcass, Reserve Champion carcass, Best Owner Bred, Best New Entrant, PGG Wrightson Most Valuable animal on the day, and Best of British sired.

Article from Gore Ensign