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The family tree of the Maine Anjou breed has roots deep in 19th Century Europe.  Maine Anjou resulted from a cross in the 1880’s and 1890’s between the Mancelle of West Central France, mainly a dairy animal, and the Durham of England, an early maturing beef animal.

The Durham-Mancelle cross combined the Mancelle’s hardiness, vigour and milking ability even under sparse conditions, with the Durham’s quality carcass and rapid growth.

The cross was amazingly successful and by 1850, Durham-Mancelle crossbred animals were winning championships at the French agricultural fair. In 1908 the society of Durham-Mancelle Breeders was formed at Chateau-Gontier, and in 1909 changed its name to The Society of Maine Anjou Cattle Breeders, taking it’s name from the Maine and Anjou river valleys in which the breed was developed.

Breed Description

The Maine Anjou is one of the larger breeds developed in France, with mature bulls weighing from 900 to 1200 kg on average.  Mature cows will range from 680 to 850 kg.

The colouring is dark red with white markings on the head, belly, rear legs and tail. White on other parts of the body is also common. While black and solid red coat colours have also been developed in the Maine Anjou, most New Zealand breeders have stayed with the traditional red and white.

Maine Anjou are known for their docility/even temperament making them easy to work with.  Females have excellent mothering and milk production enabling them to supply rapidly growing calves and provide them with outstanding weaning weights.  High fertility and longevity means cattle can start producing young and last the distance.  Maine Anjou have excellent feed conversion and produce a high yielding carcass with resulting tender, marbled meat.

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  • Growth rate
  • More kgs at weaning
  • Higher yielding, quality carcasses
  • Docility
  • Recessive red colouring ( when using a Maine Anjou bull, offspring will generally throw to the colour of the dam )
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Freisan - Maine Anjou Bull Calf
Hereford - Maine Anjou Cross Steer